Monday, February 27, 2012

Silverhill 20 Piece Tool Kit for Apple Products

Technical Details

  • 20 Piece Tool Kit with all the tools you need for many Apple Product Repairs
  • 5 screwdrivers, 2 spudgers, 9 L keys (6 star, 3 hex), SIM adapter kit, suction cup
  • Handy carry pouch
  • New for Xmas 2011: includes star screwdriver for Macbook Air
New from Silverhill Tools is a useful kit that helps with doing many of the routine tasks associated with Mac ownership, including accessing memory slots or opening housings. Includes 5 screwdrivers: Pentalobe size 1, Pentalobe size 5, flat, phillips, and Triwing. Includes 9 L keys: 3 hex keys and 6 star keys. 2 Spudgers. Sim adapter kit for reducing your SIM to a microsim, including SIM eject tool, black frame, sticker template and instructions. Also includes suction cup for iPhone disassembly.